TRH, a company dedicated to the manufacture of electrowelded mesh for construction, has defined the policy of the company, which establishes our commitment to quality

Quality Control

The basic points

Systematic compliance with the regulatory and legal requirements of application.
Systematic compliance with additional customer requirements.
Maximum quality of service understood as:
Minimum delivery time

Maximum manufacturing flexibility Manufacture of customized products.

Technical advice.

The integration of our human resources in the TRH project, through:
Communications and efficient information to our staff.

The promotion of the participation of our staff.

The study and the response to suggestions for improvements made by our staff.

Efficient consumption of resources.
Our commitment to Continuous Improvement and prevention of pollution.
Ensure the maintenance of product certificates.

Directive Commitee

Ensures that the quality policy is ...

understood, implemented and maintained up to date at all levels of the company and expresses its commitment to quality with the definition and dissemination of this Policy. Management ensures that the Quality Policy includes the commitment to satisfy the requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System, providing a reference framework to establish and review the objectives, the defined quality goals. The Quality Policy of TRH translates into Objectives and Quality Goals that allow analyzing the evolution of the Quality System and compliance with the defined Policy. The Management carries out a review of the Policy in the course of the Quality System Management Review, to ensure its updating, consistency, adequacy and effectiveness.


Quality Management System Certificate

IQ NET · The International Certification Network

Accredited Product Certificate
Electrowelded Meshes

CERTIF · Portugal Certified Product